Lost in a Corn Maize



Soooooooo, we decided to try a corn maze this year.  No, I did not spell maze wrong in the title….the name of the place we went to was “The Maize”.

Great idea, right!  I’d never tried a corn maze.  However, being such a HUGE fall fan I don’t know how I’ve gotten this far in life without going through one!  We were totally pumped for the experience!


This maze was a bit different.  You choose one of ten “passports”.  Basically, you choose a category (Halloween, sports, movies, etc.) and take a card.  Each card has ten questions with two choices for each answer.  Sounds easy enough!  We chose Halloween because, as I stated above, I love all about fall.  That includes Halloween!  How can we possibly lose?!?!

You go through the maze, find the sign with the question number you are on, answer the question and go in the direction your answer tells you.  For example, if you answer a-turn left and if you answer b-turn right.  With only two options, this should be a breeze!

Questions 1-4 were a little tougher than we expected.  However, we managed to make it through them in 45 minutes.  Did I say 45 minutes?!?!  Yes, yes I did.  This might take a while.  *Remember, it is pitch black in the maze and we are lighting our way with cell phone light!

At this point, you cross over a bridge to a “second maze” connected by only the bridge.   A few employees of the farm on the bridge *jokingly* tell us that in the morning they find all the people who didn’t make it out of the maze sleeping inside.  Good luck!

Question 5-found.  Question 6-will we ever find this sign?!?!  After FOREVER of searching, we found question-7!  At this point, I’m ok with skipping 6.  We agree to be cheaters and move on.  Maybe it was karma catching up with us for cheating, but we spent eternity going through every aspect of that maze only to end up at 7 three more times!  OMG….we are going to die in this maze.  Did I mention the “Cornundrem” signs…..we are definitely in one of those!


Where do we go?  We’ve gone every way possible it seems!  At this point, we are passing people we’ve already passed.  They noticed too.  As frustrated as we were, I could hear them saying the same things, “We just passed them!”.  Looks like we all are about to get real close sleeping in this thing!  Did I mention the maze sets on 10 acres!  Yep, gonna die tonight!

Tony and I are both “experts” at this point on which way we’ve already gone…..or so we thought…..


Which way Tony?!?!  Talk about a relationship tester!!

After finding 7 over and over and over again, we FINALLY stumble upon-you guessed it, #6!  Grrrrrrrr.  Are we now going BACKWARDS?!?!  Seriously, will we ever get out of here.  They have these lovely lost signs throughout……


Please, oh please, explain to me how in the freak texting directions is supposed to help me!  Don’t you understand that we are in a CORN MAZE where everything looks the same!  We’ve been in here for what seems like DAYS and are now DELIRIOUS!  I’m sorry but texting directions just doesn’t seem to me like a plausible solution here.  We’ll keep searching!


Can you feel the hopelessness?  We made our way somehow back to number 5, then number 4–by the way, we are NOT trying to go backwards.  More time passes, more delirium, more relationship testing, my feet ache, Tony is starving………

Then, it happens!  We find sign number…….



After getting to number 1 once more after this, I finally decide we need to head out the way we came in!  Tony says, “Are we really going to do this?  Are we going to be quitters?”.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!  We’ve been in here over an hour and a half and have somehow made it back to the beginning!  I don’t think we’d see the end if we venture back in.  I also don’t think we’d find number 1 again.  We would be stuck!!!!!!  So we quit =(  The lady at the entrance looked at us like we had three heads.  I guess we must be the only ones who came back out through the entrance but I don’t think those girls on the bridge were *joking* anymore.  I wasn’t about to be one of the casualties found in the morning sleeping on corn husks!

In the end, it turned out to be a good date night!  We enjoyed the ridiculousness and have the ability to laugh at ourselves!  Date night=good.  Corn maze=failure.



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